Saturday, December 24, 2011

Find Your Summer Body 2011 - Hall of Fame

A special congratulations goes out to the following mums who, through their hard work and dedication have found themselves in the first Body Beyond Baby - Find Your Summer Body - 8 Week Challenge Hall of Fame.

Overall winner

Sarah Caroll, mum of one (8m)

With a total weight loss of 10.9kg, 16.9cm from around her waist, 21.5mm of abdominal fat and a personal push ups  improvement from being able to do 13 on her knees at the start of the challenge to 10 on her toes at the end of just 8 week.  Congratulations Sarah!

Sarah wins a night at the Shangri- La, including champagne on arrival, breakfast a $150 voucher for an evening meal at Altitude Restaurant

Biggest Body Fat % loss

Jade Mackenzie, mum of one (5m)

For a new mum that wasn't sure if the challenge was for her Jade lost a total of 7.6% - is looking fantastic and is very glad she decided to give it a go.

Jade wins a mobile massage voucher from Eastern Suburbs Mobile Massage
Contact number 0411 628811 (no website available)

Most Improved Push-ups Test

Olivia Lowe, mum of 1 (8m)

Olivia started off at the beginning of her 8 week challenge only being able to complete 1 push up on her knees - by the end of week 8 she could do 16 on her knees - awesome improvement!

Olivia wins a La Glam Start me up pack from Make up for Mums

Best Push-ups (person who could complete the most push-ups to faliure)

Bek S, mum of one (1yr)

Bek is known as the push-up queen and managed to pump out a total of 53 push-ups on her toes.

Bek wins a Pronto Pram Cleaning Services voucher (with pick up and delivery)

Most Improved Prone Hold

Tsumi Smith, mum of one (5m)

Tsumi started her 8 week challenge with a prone hold of just 26" on her toes and finished up with a time of 1'24" - great improvement. 

Tsumi wins a mobile make up application that can be used for a special occasion from Make up for Mums

Best Prone Hold

Brenda De La Piedra, mum of two (1 & 2 1/2yrs)

Brenda held her prone hold for a MASSIVE 4'06"!!! This is a great example of what you can achieve if you take the time to re-build from the inside out after having a baby.  Brenda is mum to two beautiful girls aged 1 & 3.

Brenda wins a Pronto Pram Cleaning Services voucher (with pick up and delivery)

Most Improved Stamina - Beep Test

Paula Disley, mum of two, (4m & 2yrs)

At week one Paula's best test was 4.2 and by week 8 she achieved 8.3 - again a great improvement for a mum who wasn't sure if the challenge was for her!

Paula wins a Pronto Pram Cleaning Services voucher (with pick up and delivery)

Most Improved Cardio Test

Virgina Weinstein, mum of three (6yr, 4yr, 20m)

Virginia smashed her week 1 cardio test time of 4'56" by over 1minute taking it to a fantastic 3'45"

Virginia wins an age defying, all natural, body care gift pack from Essential Stuff

Fasted Cardio AND Beep Test

Amy Adamson, mum of two (4yr & 2yr)

Undoubtedly one of the fastest and fittest mums in our groups Amy recorded a beep test of 11.9 and a cardio test of 3'21" - keep up the amazing work Amy!

Amy wins a $50 voucher from Muesli Mixer

Sunday Steps 

We also celebrated those mums who regularly turned up early on a Sunday morning for their extra cardio session at Coogee steps and awarded one mum each week with Most Improved from the week prior.

Week 2 - Angela Walsh
Week 3 - Nicole Maroutsos
Week 4 - Angela Walsh
Week 5 - Nicole Maroutsos
Week 6 - Amy Adamson
Week 7 - Sarah Caroll
Week 8 - Nina McDonnell

Angela wins a scented Candle from Ambrosia Candles
The rest of these ladies win a Pronto Pram Cleaning Services voucher (with pick up and delivery)

A BIG thank you to all of our sponsors (listed above and links provided). To be associated with these great businesses that all offer ways of looking after and making mums life easier is fantastic and your support is much appreciated.

I guess that wraps it up - the end of 2011 is near and our first 8 Week Challenge is over.  The great news is that we will be back in 2012 with our second challenge - starting on February 6th there will be two phases of this challenge - one for new BBB members and a stepped up challenge for those who have completed the first one so we all continue to make better and healthier lifestyle decisions, smash more of our goals and become fitter, stronger and leaner versions of ourselves - feeling absolutely fantastic in the process.

To start your 2012 in the best possible way click here to register and find out more about our next Find Your Summer Body - 8 Week Challenge. 

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