Thursday, September 8, 2011

Guest blog: 7 Tips for leaving your child at your BBB session (or anywhere else)

I believe one of the best bits of BBB is that we provide you with childcare for your little one - no scary big gym creches and no juggling grandparents or neighbours to ask them to look after your little one/s.  

When you leave your child with our Body Beyond Baby nannies you can rest assured that they are being looked after by professional and experienced nannies who have been recruited by Poppins Nanny agency. Our nannies are professional and experienced. However we do know that every child is different and everyone's experience with leaving their child is different too.With this in mind I would like to introduce you to Jodi, founder and director of Poppins nanny agency and mother to three little girls (pictured).  Here are her 7 tips to making the most out of your BBB session with our nannies:

1. Be conscientious about time

Try and Oorganise yourself in the morning so that you leave enough time to get to training with some spare time in case your baby needs feeding, changing or settling to sleep. If you’re not a morning person, try getting organised by packing bags and laying out clothes the night before so you’re not rushing in the morning. Rushing and being late will may make you stressed and this will carry through to your baby or toddler will pick up on this too..

2. Full tummy leads to a contented baby/toddler
If you’re breastfeeding, it is a good idea to give your baby a feed prior to the training session. (this will also help you to feel ‘less full’ and be more comfortable during your sessions).

For bottle-fed babies, ensure you bring a bottle with you, make sure our and let the nanniesy know where it is., make sure you put your name tags on your belongings and give the nannies any special instructions.
For toddlers, ensure they have eaten breakfast and pack some snacks and a drink. Keep snacks nut-free.

3. Don’t forget the ‘Creature Comforts’
Let ourthe BBB nanny know what makes your baby/toddler happy.  It might be a favourite toy, blanket or action that makes your little one smile and feel comfortable and secure even when you’re not there. It’s also good for the nannies to know whether sitting or lying makes them feel comfortable – do they like tummy time or do they like to lie on their backs? (make sure you have filled out your child info sheet with this information,  and write any really useful info on the white board)

If you’re child takes a dummy, don’t forget to bring along at least two as I find that dummies are like socks – they are good at disappearing acts.

If its sleep time for your baby or toddler then make sure you Bbring yourthe pram. The pram is a great and familiar place for your child to eat, sleep or just chill out.

4. A quick and painless exit
Keep your goodbyes short. Keep a smile on your face, even if your child is crying and reassure them that you will be back soon. Lingering to comfort your upset child can sometimes prolong their distress and even make it worse.

Resist the temptation to sneak away the second your child looks the other way as this can make children more upset once they realise you’ve gone, not getting a chance to say goodbye.
Nine times out of ten, your child will stop crying within five minutes of you leaving.  Trust in the nanny’s experience and know they have your child’s best interest at heart and they will always call you if your child is distressed for an extended period of time.  Make sure you write on the white board how long you would like our nannies to try to settle your child before calling you (they will override this and call you even earlier if necessary)

5. My child isn’t settling
Some children take a little longer than others to settle into new environments and new routines. Your child might settle happily the very first time or continue to be distressed beyond the first few weeks.
In all cases, it’s best to stay calm and remain positive. It is worth persevering for a little while to give your child time to adjust. It’s also important to communicate with the nannies and Jenny so you can work together to develop adjustment and settling strategies.

Keep in mind that throughout the session, if you’re child continues to be distressed, the nanny will come and get you to be with your child. You may have to build up to your child being left for a whole session. Perhaps start with 20 minutes, then 30, then 40 minutes, building up to the whole hour.

6. Label it or Lose it
Many children will have the same types of clothes, toys, bottles, etc so it is important to label everything with your child’s name so the nannies can make sure that you leave with the same belongings you came with.

7. Don’t forget the essentials – what to pack in the nappy bag- Sun hat
- Nappies
- Wipes
- nappy bags for dirty nappies
- bottles (for bottle-fed babies)
- dummy x 2
- food snacks and drink bottle (for toddlers)
- change of clothes

Have peace of mind while you train by following these tips and you can focus on staying fit and healthy.

Jodi is offering all BBB mums currently attending sessions a 25% discount off  her agency fee for all casual and permanent bookings - to find out more visit the Poppins website here

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