Thursday, July 1, 2010

A nice surprise

Last Thursday I decided to get a body composition scan as it had been 8 weeks since it was previously done. I almost wasn't going to bother as I wasn't expecting much of a change given it has felt like I havn't had much time to fit in exercise, or at least enough to warrant much change in my body. In the end I did it, mostly out of curiosity. As it turns out the results were awesome! In those 8 weeks I dropped almost 4% body fat and another 3kgs in total weight (all in fat, no muscle loss which is nice to know!)....which leaves me only a kilo or so to go and well below what I'd imagine I'd get to in the body fat percentage.

So as I've almost achieved my original goal, I've added a new goal to run the Blackmores Bridge run in Sept which is about 9kms. I'm currently up to running 5kms now (not much for some, but it's good for me...) and so have spoken to Jen about how to get me running longer and stronger. She's suggested running up & down hills and/or steps, doing interval training on flat runs and continuing with resistance training. I'll also keep up the pelvic floor/core strength exercises as I've noticed this has helped me enormously and practically eliminated any of the back pain I used to get with doing the normal mum things, such as lifting kids into car seats, lifting babies in and out of cots, picking up toys etc etc etc. Had I not had 2 kids and not realised the importance of pelvic floor/core strength I never would have gotten over back pain that I've had for years, let alone to run again.

So, I think as I normally ramble on, that's enough from me for today! I'm off tomorrow to Melbourne for a weekend with Manel and no kids! I can't wait

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