Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Run Sessions - by Body Beyond Baby Personal Trainer Sally Groves

A few months ago, several Body Beyond Baby mums told us they wanted to improve your running. 

Everybody has their own reasons – whether it be one of their own personal goals for the challenge, or to improve their running endurance for various Tough Mum events and obstacle courses, or even to be able to run away from their children.  Oops, I mean run with their children.

And so we have developed a Monday morning Early Riser session that is focused on improving your running!

Many of you have heard about it, but may still be uncertain about giving it a try.  Lots of people have asked me what we actually do in a session…

Its not just a running group where we all go for a Long Slow Distance (LSD) run.  We don’t think you need us to help you with that one – you can smash that out yourselves during the week!  LSD runs, which help with endurance and fitness, are a key element of your overall program, BUT there are also lots of other interesting and effective training methods to really see improvements.  Quite frankly, if you had have asked me to participate in a LSD run at the crack of dawn I would have rathered stay at home and pull my toenails out.

So to really improve your running performance, our sessions may include… 

Plyometric drills- simple drills that simulate explosive actions.  With various types of jumping, leaping, skipping it is lots of fun – and is also one of the secrets to running stronger and faster.

Interval training – involves alternating periods of high intensity running with low intensity running or recovery.  This type of activity trains your body to recover quickly and gradually increases your ability to run faster for longer.

Fartlek – don’t laugh… it’s a real word! Fartlek means ‘speed play’ and that’s what this workout is all about.  Similar to interval training, however it is more unstructured.  The work/rest intervals are based on how YOUR body feels.  You can experiment with pace and also with different types of terrain.  

Tempo run – This is a run typically a little slower to your ‘race pace’.  So during a tempo run you are working, but not quite at max effort so it should feel smooth.  Tempo runs will make you feel more comfortable running at a faster pace for longer period.
Hill running – makes you stronger, faster, fitter.  We trainers love putting you through an awesome hill session!!

But we cant give all our secrets away!  As you can see, there are so many different training options to really improve your running form, speed and endurance!

Don’t feel like you have to be fantastic at running to attend… everyone is at their own level and own pace.  We all have different goals, and our bodies are naturally made up of different muscle fibers some of us are majority ‘fast twitch’ muscle fibers which is great for power and sprinting, but long distances are a struggle!

And others are ‘slow twitch’ that can turn up on the first day of training and run a comfortable 5km (that is totally NOT me!)  and others are somewhere in between!

Whatever your current run level is, and whatever your goals may be, our run training can help you get there!

Come and give it a try… Our Early Riser Running Session is 6am every Monday morning.  

Venue: Centennial/Queens Park or surrounds (yep, sometimes we mix it up!)

Next month we are also bringing you a Running Workshop to really focus on technique!

Sunday 21st July @ 12pm

Workshop by Scott Stefl
-how to run efficiently and injury free
-how to improve your running technique
-how to loosen tight muscles caused by running

For further information and bookings

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