Sunday, November 18, 2012

Body Beyond Baby does The Stampede

It's towards the end of the year that many of us including myself begin to reflect on the year that has been.  There may be things we look back on and wish they had gone differently - it is important to remember that everything that happens to us in life is there for a reason, to allow ourselves to experience everything we face whether it feels good or bad and to know it is part of our journey.

Many of us will look back on 2012 and feel good about the things we have done, the experiences we have had and what we have achieved.  For me, yesterday was an amazing example of something I am very proud to be a part of.  We took a team of 30 mums to take part in The Stampede - a 5 or 10k obstacle course. We had been training on a Sunday morning for the last 8 weeks and it all came together in an event that lasted around 2hours.  At the start of the race our team was split about 70/30 in favour of the 5km BUT as we approached the 5km mark the buzz about the team was that they wanted to charge on and finish the 10km.  Any evidence of being registered for the 5km was removed and they charged on ahead taking the 10km fork in the road ready to face another, totally unexpected 5km's of mud, obstacles and FUN!!!

The course was harder for some than others but the sense of being a team, working together to overcome every obstacle that was put in front of us was awesome - watching people choose to wait for others when they could have gone charging ahead and having a team of 30 all waiting at the finish line until every single person had completed so we could all cross together was very cool.  I am so proud of each and every one of you and would like to thank you for making what I do every single day such an amazing experience.

Body Beyond Baby is about creating communities of mums that come together to support each other through health and fitness.  I am extremely privileged to be surrounded by a group of wonderful mums who are all looking out for each other.  Yesterday was a display of what you are doing for each other on a daily basis - from supporting each other within your training, sharing healthy recipes, bouncing child related issues off each other and offering support through the friendships you have made and carrying this outside of your weekly training.  I get so excited when I hear of you organising the men in your life to look after your children (and the children of dads that aren't around for any reason)so that you can all take some mummy time out for exercise or any other reason.  

I learn more about each of you every day and would like to thank you for being such inspiring, motivated and caring women and I LOVE having you as part of my world.  

Now here's a few pics from yesterday

More pics to come......

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