Saturday, May 5, 2012

Body Beyond Baby in Nike She Runs the Night

Thursday night saw a number of Body Beyond Baby mums join over 3000 women in the 13km Nike She Runs the Night event in Centennial Park.  The atmosphere was fantastic and although we know Centennial Park well it was a very new experience navigating our way through a darkened version.  I often found myself wondering where I was and trying to find my bearings.

A huge congratulations to those BBB mums that took part - we were the only team with tags on the back of our shirts (which was great as it meant we could pick each other out in the mass of black shirted bodies)

If you are a current BBB mum take inspiration from these ladies - having an event and/or goal to work towards helps so much to put reason to your training and give you something to work toward.  We have a number of other events coming up this year including Tough Bloke Challenge which is a really great goal for most of you and we will be running specific training in the coming weeks.

If you are a mum not training with us at the moment (both new and not so new) and would like to find out more please contact me to find out more about our training sessions or to join our Tough Bloke Challenge team.  We would love to have you along for the ride.

Here are the results of those that ran as part of our team

Name   End time       Place    5km split 10km split
Abigail Boss 1:08:39 481 0:26:20 0:53:04
Amy Cotterell 1:18:29 1472 0:29:54 0:59:22
Danette Elliott 1:12:28 854 0:27:34 0:55:32
Frederique Bely 1:07:17 364 0:25:40 0:52:51
Jade Mackenzie 1:09:51 591 0:25:34 0:53:37
Jen Dugard 1:05:54 282 0:25:59 0:51:54
Nicole Maroutsos 1:06:52 339 0:25:41 0:51:41
Rebekah Savetta 1:16:04 1238 0:28:06 0:57:12
Sarah Carroll 1:15:25 1178 0:29:10 0:58:22

And here are a few more pics from the night
Before the race
Body Beyond Baby Runs the Night
Start line

Count down!


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