Friday, November 26, 2010

Feel Good Friday - product review 'Tiny Tastes'

Do you ever find yourself tearing your hair out, exhausted at the end of the day but with dinner, bath and bed time still looming? As mums we have a responsibility to feed our children healthy and nutritious food, we are the grown up and they trust that what we are putting into their bodies is good for them.  But sometimes wouldn't it be nice to have someone else think about that for you?

Enter Caroline and her business Tiny Tastes - she specialises in cooking up and delivering home made organic baby and toddler food.  As a mum who very much likes to give her children home cooked meals as often as possible but also falling into the category of working, time poor and not the worlds most creative (or willing) cook a service like this is right up my alley.

I was excited to receive my cool box full of tiny meals delivered straight to my fridge on the Thursday afternoon and  we had a toddler lunch date scheduled for the next day.  Because Tiny Taste meals are freshly made they need to be kept cool and put straight into your fridge if you are going to use them within 72hours or just pop them into your freezer for a longer shelf life.  They are completely organic and Caroline has just added wholemeal and gluten free pasta options which I think is fantastic and gets a big tick from me.

Friday lunch time Marley, Hugo and Zac tucked into their Tiny Tastes meals, between them they had Chicken Risotto (which I actually ate for my dinner the night before and thought it was very yummy), Pasta Bolognese which was a HUGE hit and Fusulli with Vegetables and Cheese sauce.  Plates were cleaned and the boys eagerly tucked into their Apple and cinnamon for desert - this was especially delicious and they were lucky the mums didn't eat it first!

We also delivered a few baby meals of Chicken and Lentils to a friend and her young son who couldn't make it and I received a lovely text message back from Lucy saying "Archie really loved his meals they were eaten  in minutes - thank you for introducing us to Tiny Tastes".

I was thinking this afternoon about when and why I would use home delivered children's food and for me, because I know that the ingredients are fresh, organic and the meals are healthy and balanced I would be happy to use Tiny Tastes regularly and often - what stops me is that although I am the first to admit I am time poor and not the world's best cook it is also important for me to cook with Marley and show him how to make good healthy food.  He must also know however that we don't always have the time too cook our own food but that it is important to make a good decision about ready made bought food and that we choose Tiny Tastes because they are healthy and good for us.

And if you are stuck for a gift idea for a mum who has just given birth to their second, third or more child a freezer full of Tiny Tastes meals would go down a treat.  Knowing that your older kids are being well fed when you are exhausted and looking after a newborn is such a weight off your shoulders - I highly recommend this fantastic and practical gift.

So all in all Tiny Tastes gets a big tick from me and I am very excited about trying some of their new menu which you can see on their website.

To go into the draw to win a $40 voucher to spend on yummy Tiny Tastes Organic Baby food  just head to the Tiny Tastes website, check out their menu and post below which main meal and desert combo you think your little bub would like to try

All entrants must 'like' both the Body Beyond Baby and Tiny Tastes face book pages

Winner will be announced on Thursday 2nd December on the Body Beyond Baby facebook page and blog - Good luck!

*delivery for Tiny Tastes is only available in certain areas of Sydney, please check their map to see if they deliver to you


Unknown said...

Given the favourite dinner time singalong at our place "On top of spaghe-tti, all covered in cheese, I lost my poor meatballs, when somebody sneezed"...Jude would get a kick out of the Fusilli & Meatballs! And how could he possibly then go past the Roasted Banana with Yoghurt & Coconut? Sounds like a tropical island mocktail, yum :)

Unknown said...

What a great idea. I always feel so guilty giving my Eddie something out of a can or jar when I'm too busy to cook, which is often!

Unknown said...

Great idea! Why didn't I come up with this as a business idea!!

Gracie would love to try the chicken and lentils, followed by the roasted banana, yoghurt and coconut (which I'll be trying too!)

K said...

My daughter is sooooo fussy and she is getting worse she willonly eat about 5 things.
I would love for her to try
Fusilli with Vegetables and Cheese Sauce
Roasted Banana with Yoghurt and Coconut Milk.
And if she doesn't eat it I will! :)

Bec Cal Callaghan said...

Who doesn't want a break from cooking baby and toddler food!? Does this come in adult size meals too =)

Jen Dugard said...

Rolly and Bec - could you let us know which mains and deserts you would like to try then you are eligible for our draw on Thursday