Friday, November 5, 2010

Feel Good Friday - product review 'baba sling'

When I was asked if I would like to review the baba sling it was a no brainer - this is a product I had already used with my son Marley and knew I would use it again with India.  To the extent of which I would use it this time around was not yet known to me, however in the early weeks of India's life I found her to be constantly attached to me so that I could just get on with things.  As a second time mum I just didn't have the time or the energy to spend settling her and would often just carry her instead as she was easily settled and quiet!!

Before arriving at the baba sling we purchased another brand which ended up being unusable for myself - I purchased a specific size whilst pregnant (the wrong size) and therefore couldn't use it at all.  It was great for my husband who is taller than me but who wants to buy the same product in two different sizes for each parent?  The baba sling has two adjustable straps which can be changed depending upon who is using it and also the position of your baby and whether you need the top or bottom looser or tighter (and you can move them whilst wearing the sling).  The shoulder strap is padded too which is really important as babies no matter how small get heavy after a while.

The baba sling is made from 100% cotton and has a buckle which you can easily undo if your bub falls asleep and you want to put them down - undoing a buckle is much easier than trying to squirm your way out of a tight space.

Apparently you can use your baba sling whilst breastfeeding and also as a hammock in the cot - neither of these I have tried but it sounds pretty impressive to me... let me know how you go!

I used the baba sling most with Marley when he was a toddler and we were out and about, when I wanted him to spend sometime walking rather than being in the pram but I knew he wouldn't last the distance.  It was so easy to just throw it over my shoulder and then when he became tired (or I didn't want him to try to escape) I could carry him on my hip with the aid of the baba sling which in turn kept my hands free.  Some of my favorite times were us walking to the shops with him at my height so I could talk to him about the things we saw on the way.  I am sure (when I find time) I will do the same with India.

As with any baby carrier it's important to change it up from time to time (and put them down) as you will get repetitive wear and tear on the same part area of your body with long term use.  Make sure you are doing your strengthening exercises in order to keep you nice and strong to carry your growing baby.

To go into the draw to win one of the two pictured boutique baba slings just post below what situation you would use the baba sling in and how it would help to make your life easier.

All entrants must 'like' both the Body Beyond Baby and baba sling facebook pages 

Winner will be announced on Thursday 11th of November on the Body Beyond Baby facebook page and blog - Good luck!

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mamamia said...

That looks like a really great sling! I've tried a few different ones over the years, and some of them are just awful!

The Baba Sling looks very secure and easy to use, especially when you're out and about without another adult to help do it up.

Thanks so much for the review, it's great to see how this one works and how easy and secure it looks!

mjelly said...

I've also tried a few, what I wanted a sling for with my first was to stop the car, grab my baby and go. I remember standing in a carpark, wrapping myself in a complicated fashion, the tails dragging on the dirty ground as I went, all before trying to insert my baby (who then threw up).

With a Baba you can slip it on, slide baby in, run errands and come back, and all while the other Mummas are still wrapping themselves. Convenience plus!

Bec Cal Callaghan said...

I used a carrier similar to the baby bjorn with my first born and to be honest I found it really awkward to get my little boy in and out when I was on my own. I'm pregnant with my second and would love to try out a sling. I've seen plenty of my friends with themand they seem a lot more user friendly when it's just you and your bub...

Amanda said...

awesome! I have just had a new baby and I also have a toddler that still likes to be carried every now and again.. we walk to get our mail so I could use it to carry things back from the shop if he didnt want to be carried home & if he did, then I would have my hands free to carry the mail! I used to have one similar design but it broke & I havent been able to replace it. (I'm a FB fan)

K said...

Oh wow I have my fingers crossed!! I am due with bub number 2 in January and also having a c-section due to number one. This would be so fantastic for me to have my hands free when out and about just doing grocery shopping etc would make it easier to carry bub after the c-section. A safe, secure and snug bub! perfect!
With my hubby away 6 months of the year I need all the extra hands I can get! or maybe I should say sling I can get!
I am a liker of both pages.