Thursday, June 3, 2010

What a feeling......

So I finally made it up early to walk/jog before the craziness of my day begins. It was quite simple in the end and I would never have thought it could have been possible. I wake 10 minutes earlier than normal and fit in 30 minutes of exercise, whilst Scott feeds Zara her breakfast. It’s a win win situation as he gets to spend more time with her and I get to spend more time with me. I do this three times a week, train twice a week with Jenny, on Saturday I go to the gym and Sunday is my day off. I have more energy overall and feel great that I get to do something for me. I suppose I shouldn't get too over confident with this routine as it has only been one week.

I also received the results of my second body scan and am happy to report that I have lost weight, which is a great achievement. I hope to loose more as I increase my exercise, I already feel stronger for it.

So if you are struggling with fitting in more exercise like I was have a chat with Jenny or the other ladies at training and see what they do. For example the UNSW gym & pool has a crèche which is great. There is a lot out there it’s just a matter of working out what fits in with your routine and your baby’s schedule (assuming they have one).

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